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4 July, 2017

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Asteroid Challenge is an amazing arcade space shooter where you must defend your damaged spaceship from waves of asteroids and escape the galaxy. In order to escape you will need to repair your spaceship. One asteroid impact and you are dead.


The starting idea of the game

Asteroid Challenge is created to be an endless survival combined with an skilled real time shooter. During the development we decided to add 3 different skills to challenge the player, like the shield, a blast wave and a weapon upgrade. We were trying to achieve that the player had different strategies to survive, not only with the pressure of destroying the right asteroids, also which special actions to use in different ways.

The final idea of the game

During the development and internal playtest with friends, we realized that the blast wave and the shield basically were doing the same, so it was no fun. At this moment we decided, what if we set a goal?, what if the game has an end?, what if we propose a challenge to the players? and that's how appeared the name of the game and the goal of repair and leave galaxy.

The final result

We playtested again with more friends, and it liked having many different strategies to play, combined with the real time shooting. Now they were wondering what should be the best if they have to repair the spaceship, improve the cannon or save energy for the shield...


Asteroid Challenge allows us to learn a lot about marketing, the release process, game design, psicology, art, UX, Unreal Engine and many other things. And that is the most valuable asset we take from this first experience, that will allow us to make greater games in the future.


  • Real time shooter. Decide in very short time which asteroid to destroy.
  • Set your strategy. When to repair the spaceship, upgrade the turret or use the energy shield.
  • Set your tactics. Energy pots, is it better to process them or blast them as a bombs?
  • The game has an end, escape the galaxy. Can you complete it?
  • Scary space athmosphere. You will feel lonely out there.


Asteroid Challenge - Trailer YouTube

Asteroid Challenge - Tutorial YouTube

Asteroid Challenge - Playing the game YouTube


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About Pavo Studios

Pavo Studios is a mobile games studio, founded by Luis Moral in July 2017. We love to create new mobile games, and what is even more important, we love to learn about any subject, have fun and seek for new opportunities. We are based in Barcelona, Spain, but we collaborate with talented individuals from all over the world.

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